Designing for
live chat


Cigna is a Fortune 15 global healthcare and insurance company with 190+ million customers.

Expanding on Cigna's existing interface / brand guidelines.
Creating complex prototypes to validate ideas and conducting user research.
Driving design from wireframes to polished visual designs.


Introduce new features / functionality so customers can get support within their channel of choice.


As lead product designer, I was responsible for:

  • Working closely with a consulting agency to communicate the vision to key stakeholders.
  • Keeping leadership informed and aligned on scope and timelines.
  • Validating assumptions through user testing and research.
  • Ensuring design deliverables from the consulting agency aligned to Cigna’s interface guidelines and design patterns.

The new chat experience launched on time and the designs were well received by stakeholders and customers. Customers are now able to resolve their inquiries quickly and efficiently within their channel of choice.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) improved significantly. In 2018, chat experienced it's highest NPS increase (+14 points) from 27 to 41. From 2019-2020, NPS scores increased by 10 points from 41 to 51.

  • Design specs
  • Prototypes for user reseach
  • User flows
  • Visual designs
Moving from wireframes into polished visual designs.

Moving from wireframes into polished visual designs.

Existing brand guidelines were leveraged.

Futher design guidelines were created and extended to all digital properties (e.g. native mobile).


Decrease in customer support calls


Savings/year due to reduced call volumes


Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)


"OMG… Having Hugo on the team is SO valuable!

Both Friday and today, he was able to bring my design thinking into visual designs almost as fast as I could think it through. Critical because the design needed to be final today for developers to get started on it. That would not have happened fast enough without his help.

Just one way that he’s been a great addition, as you know..."