Designing for
predictive search


CVS Health is Fortune 6 health solutions company that delivers care like no one else can.


Drug names can be hard to remember and approximately 40% of customers prefer to search instead of scrolling through hundreds of products.


Reimagine the search experience and help customers find products faster.


As the lead product designer, I was responsible for:

  • Conducting an audit of search experiences across industry leading mobile apps and websites.
  • Owning the end-to-end design for predictive search / type-ahead functionality across mobile, tablet and desktop.


A modern search experience that dynamically responds to user intent and presents relevant suggestions to millions of customers.

  • Competitor review / analysis
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Visual designs

Moving from wireframes into polished visual designs.

Translating sketches into wireframes.



Increase in Net Promoter Score


Increase in conversions


"I've worked with so, so many designers over the years -- and don't get me wrong, I generally love working with them, but their reputation for being prickly is not unearned.

What makes Hugo different is the fact that he can listen; he understands that his artistic vision doesn't exist in a vacuum but is the output of collaboration with a broad, multidisciplinary team.

The end result of this too-rare attitude? His contributions are valued more highly than his peers because of his soft touch, and he consistently produces stellar work. If you don't just want design work back based on a creative brief but want an integral member of the team, you should give Hugo a call."